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Stunning scenery in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

For the last month, our weather has been a little erratic to say the least. One day its in the mid 20’s, the next it’s barely above freezing. All this cold weather is a little too early for our liking, so when we were promised a sunny, warm day on Tuesday we took advantage and drove to the mountains.

Yellowstone National Park, Upper Loop

When we came here we knew we were going to be quite close to Yellowstone National Park but as we had been before back in 2003 decided not to revisit. It is about a 2.5-hour drive and of course, the time you need to actually drive around and then return would make it a bit of a stretch. But at the last minute we decided that it would be a shame to be so close and not go back.

Garnet Ghost Town, Montana

Garnet Ghost Town is located about 30 miles east of Missoula and to get to it you have to exit the interstate and travel 11 miles along what is essentially a dirt track. The road is very narrow, very dusty, very winding and very bumpy.