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The Canadian Rockies: sheep, squirrels, hawks, gophers and scenery!

In Kananaskis Country in the Rockies, there is a road called Highway 40 which if you are familiar with my blog you will see we visit quite often. The problem is, the lower half of the road is closed between December and June every year to protect the wildlife. So, as it has just reopened we decided to travel its entire length yesterday to see if we could spot anything.

A snowy day in the Alberta Rockies

Earlier this week we decided to spend the day in the mountains. The weather was forecast as cool, but as we planned to drive and not get on the trails it didn't matter. However, we didn't expect lots of snow!

Wildlife viewing along Alberta backroads

We are finally starting to get some decent weather, still not quite up to seasonal norms, but above freezing, so we'll take it! Not wanting to be inside today, we decided to take a short trip around the backroads to see if we could find any wildlife.