And so the research begins.....

Having decided that house hopping is the way to go I have spent a good deal of time looking at the various websites offering this sort of accommodation. I then needed to research what options were available, where and the costs etc. I decided a spreadsheet is the way to go - not a huge surprise for anyone who knows me well!

So, I designed a spreadsheet with a tab for each province and a column for all the relevant criteria we are looking for such as wifi, bed size, laundry facilities, location, views, parking, amenities etc. A little anal perhaps, but at least then I can see at a glance what home has what, the cost etc. Each as a link straight back to the website so I can contact the owner or look for more details etc. 

I have now gone through most of the available websites and each province and now have a pretty comprehensive database of properties. As internet speed will be very important to us, I contacted a few property owners asking the speed of connection so that we can get an idea of what to expect. I have found that people’s idea of high speed varies dramatically. One person assured me they had high speed quoting 0.5 Mbit/s. Now that is NOT high speed! It seems that most of the places in Nova Scotia offer pretty poor speeds which could be a problem, whereas over in BC and Vancouver Island they tend to be much higher. Oh well, just one obstacle to address. It’s just a case of contacting owner beforehand to get speed quotes and decide from there.

One thing is clear, we can definitely rent for similar or, in many cases, less than we are paying out now. Calculating this you have to take the rental cost per month, then take into account what we would be paying in our current home for the equivalent services. This includes mortgage, electricity, heating oil, property taxes, tv service and even garbage collection. It soon mounts up if you average all the costs out to a monthly amount. 

The question is then, do we want to pay X amount to live here in a stationary location with the occasion travel - costs on top of house ownership costs, or pay the same money to live anywhere we choose? No brainer…..

We want to travel, but how?

Virginia trip summary

Virginia trip summary