Hoodoo Trail and Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller, Alberta

Hoodoo Trail and Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller, Alberta

When we left the Royal Tyrrell Museum we decided to drive the two main trails in the area, the Hoodoo Trail which is to the south of the town and the Dinosaur Trail which is to the north.

Hoodoo Trail, Drumheller

This trail takes the roads south of Drumheller and in total covers approximately 60 km. On the way, the landscape is like something from another planet. 

The first point of interest on the route is the Star Mine Suspension Bridge located in Rosedale. It is a slight detour off the main road, but definitely worth it. There is a large parking lot and washrooms just before you walk to the bridge itself.

The first sign you see tells you not to make the bridge sway, which straight away tells you what's in store. The second sign tells you more about the bridge and its original purpose. 

The bridge which is 117 metres long is amazing. It spans the river and it really does sway and move a lot as people walk across it. Fortunately is wasn't too busy when we were there, so we were able to spend quite some time exploring it and the surrounding area. People have started leaving padlocks attached to the bridge for some reason.

Suspension Bridge21.jpg

The next point of interest is what the trail is all about, Hoodoos. 

The whole area around the hoodoos was pretty spectacular too.

In one area there was a lot of Inukshuk and similar formations that visitors had made from the rocks found nearby. One rock formation I saw reminded me of Mick Jaggers lips, what do you think?

The next part of the drive took us across 11 bridges that cross the Red Deer River. Each bridge is different and numbered, so here they all are in order.

Once we had completed this trail we headed back to Drumheller and started the Dinosaur Trail to the north of the town.

Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller

The first point of interest on this trail is the Horse Thief Canyon. This area got its name because years ago when the early settlers allowed their horses to roam here, they would disappear into the canyon and then reappear with different branding, hence the name Horse Thief Canyon. 

The views are quite spectacular and you can see for miles and miles. 

After this lookout, the road meanders around and then crosses the river. But there is no bridge this time, instead, there is a ferry. It is only a small ferry that crosses a narrow expanse of river, but it is quite fun.

The next point of interest is Orkney Hill Viewpoint. As we approached it looked like it wasn't going to be very good, but oh wow, when we got to the very edge, it was really quite beautiful. You should be able to see Chris taking photos in a couple of pics. 

Whilst we were here another guy on a motorbike was chatting to us and pointed out what he thought was a deer in the river in the distance. When I managed to zoom in on my camera we found it was actually a moose. The pics are not great as he was well into the distance and I had to go to maximum zoom to photograph him.

After all this excitement we made our way back home, but we had an amazing day at Drumheller and would definately go back. Perhaps we need to track down all the dinosaurs aroud the town next time. 

Today we woke up to snow, yes snow!

Today we woke up to snow, yes snow!

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Alberta