Maybe they are right?

Telling people about what we are planning to do is easier said than done. Although we don't have many family members between us, we wanted to make sure everyone knew what were planning and why.

I have an aunt and uncle who live in Spain. They are my only family and we speak via Skype on a regular basis, so last week we decided to break the news to them. We thought they would accept the decision okay as they had obviously, like us, made a big move emigrating from the UK to Spain over 10 years ago. As we thought, they were a little shocked at first but totally accepting of the idea. I think they are a little worried, but know we are old enough and ugly enough to make our own decisions. They were concerned that it might be a harder task than we think - maybe they are right!

Next it was our daughter. We face timed her and her girlfriend and told them of our plans. They were very shocked and couldn't quite understand whey we would want to give up our home. I suppose when you are young and only recently entered the housing market yourself then our idea seems a little crazy. But we explained why and they were okay with the idea. I think they think we are going through a mid life crisis - maybe they are right!

My best friend also thinks we are a little left of centre and I'm not sure she actually believes we will go though with it - maybe she is right!

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