So much stuff to get rid of

Since deciding that we are selling up and traveling we realised how much stuff we have in the house. We have been steadily selling bits and pieces such as a leather sofa and chairs that just sat downstairs doing nothing and lots of DVD’s that we will not watch again. We seem to have gotten rid of so much, but then we look again and there is still so much more to go. It is very daunting. 

Fortunately the likes of eBay and Kijiji are very handy for this sort of thing, but of course there are many things we will need to keep in order to not only continue to live our everyday lives, but to dress the house ready for sale. We will therefore need to sell a lot more once we get a sale and a firm exchange date. Things such as sofa, beds, drawers etc. 

I have been looking at options and MaxSold seems to be pretty good. It is a kind of online auction site, but the people who bid are responsible for collecting their purchases so you don't need to worry about delivery etc. The one downside compared to the likes of eBay is that everything starts at zero dollars, so some things may not sell, or sell for less that expected. But in order to get rid of everything we think it will be a good option.

So, in the meantime we will continue to sell bits and pieces on eBay and Kijiji and we will also need a dumpster to get rid of a lot of crap we have, then dress the house for sale and have a final purge at the end on MaxSold. Sounds easy!

Travelling logistics are getting complicated

Maybe they are right?