We want to travel, but how?

Having made the decision to travel, we have given a lot of thought to how we accomplish it. There are several options open to us. We can go the traditional route and buy an RV to travel in, we can backpack, we can stay in hotels, house sit - the list is endless. Each method has its merits, but each also has many negatives. It is just a case of analysing each and finding the method best suited to us - easy!

Our first choice was to go RVing. Lots of people choose this as a method of travel and it makes sense - you always have your home with you and you can travel wherever and whenever you like. However the start-up costs are high and there are other negatives. We want to be able to start our journey with as little financial baggage as possible and having to purchase an RV would definitely go against this. Then there are the questions: A-Class or fifth wheel, keep our SUV or change it, new or used, gas or diesel, ongoing maintenance, low fuel economy? Very daunting, also we feel that we would be tempted to travel far more and not get to experience locations as we want to. 

Backpacking - well no, this is a non-starter. Unless I can shower and plug my hair dryer in every morning and do my nails regularly, it isn't happening!

Hotels - Although the idea of living in hotels has its appealing side, housekeeping, free internet, breakfast, once you start to think about the reality it starts to turn sour. There is also the cost to consider. Hotels are not cheap and we would have to have somewhere that had a kitchen so we could make our own meals otherwise eating out all the time would not only break the bank it would probably kill us health wise. Hotel rooms with kitchens do not come cheap!

House sitting - This is a great idea in theory, but having looked at this option it seems that many homes come with animals to look after. Although we are both animal lovers - except cats - I'm allergic - we don't want the responsibility of looking after animals. They would also restrict our local travelling. It also seems that it takes time to build up a reputation on these sites as a sitter so we might not even get selected and then where do we stay?

So, we have decided that house-hopping as we are calling it, is the best option. This way we find holiday rentals to rent for a month or so at a time and use them as a base to travel round the local area. As long as we stay out of city centres which are expensive we can do this for close to the same money we currently spend living in our house. This gives us the security of knowing we are booked in somewhere and the flexibility of staying in many different places with some level of comfort, including a kitchen and laundry facilities. 

Now for the research......

Maybe they are right?

And so the research begins.....