Careers for our nomadic life

Over the last few weeks we have been considering how our life on the road will pan out. Obviously we cannot know exactly when we set out as that depends on the sale of the house, and with that in mind we cannot know the route we take straight away. But one thing we do know is that we will need to have a way of earning some money as we travel as unfortunately we still haven't won the lottery!

I have always been in marketing and communications and also freelance writing, so this is an option. Chris has also been in marketing as well as business development type roles, but in the last few years has mainly concentrated on his photography work. 

Chris is an avid photographer and over the years has become very accomplished and this is the route he wants to take. Our nomadic lifestyle will be perfect for him as he can have so many different people and places to photograph as we travel. It will be a perfect compliment to our travel blog.

I, on the other hand, over the past year or so I have been making fused glass jewellery and household items such as plates and ornaments which I love, but I cannot take this on the road as I use a huge, heavy glass kiln, so all that has to go. I needed something else to do and decided after much consideration to take a makeup artistry qualification. Makeup has always been something that I love and if I qualify, I can do this wherever we are in Canada. I can promote myself as a mobile artist and advertise my services in the areas we visit. So, I have enrolled in a makeup school and hope to be qualified within a year. 

Never painted so much in our lives!

We are thinking Route 66!

We are thinking Route 66!