We are thinking Route 66!

We are thinking Route 66!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been giving a lot of thought to the route we will take for the first part of our road trip. As we have mentioned before there are lots of variables we need to think about when planning this, so we have a plan!

We continue to decorate the house so that we can put it on the market in the new year. We think we might try to sell it ourselves for the first couple of months which will be during the winter season. If we manage to, great, we will save ourselves significant money on realtor fees, but if not then we will hire a realtor in the spring.

The travel route depends on when the house sells and when we actually have to move out. Based on the fact we have to be in Florida in September for our daughters honeymoon, we have planned our trip from this point in time. If we move out well before then, we can incorporate the east coast of Canada before venturing south, but if it is close to this date we start the trip from Florida.

We are also aware that we want to be on the west coast of Canada for the winter to avoid the frigid cold of, well just about all the rest of Canada! So with this in mind our plan is to have the 2-3 weeks in Florida, then travel north exiting Florida and heading for New Orleans to spend a few days there. This route will take us through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. At any of these stops, and in between, we will spend anything from one night to a couple of weeks. Then we head for Dallas, Texas, then switch north to Tulsa where we will pick up Route 66. We will follow Route 66 through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona where we will detour into the Grand Canyon. After this we will head for Las Vegas.

The map below is a rough guide to the route.


After spending some time in Vegas we will head west to the Pacific Coast Highway, California, probably picking it up around San Luis Obispo. We will then head north through San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and then at the end of November enter back into Canada via Vancouver and spend the next few months in Vancouver Island. This means we will travel through Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington, ending in British Columbia. Then who knows......


Of course, all this is dependant upon the house selling before the honeymoon and everything going to plan - which of course it will.

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