The mystery of the water leak

As I write this we have three guys in the apartment trying to figure out our water leak. They seem quite confused as to where it's coming from. Holes are being cut into walls and lots of tests are being done including a camera being put into the pipes. 

Our water leak has returned

In October I mentioned on the blog that we had a water leak in the apartment. We had noticed water seeping between the flooring in the hallway which was finally tracked down to a leak in the bathroom.

Even more of Calgary's street art

I have been on a continuing quest to find and photograph the street art that is prolific around Calgary and have so far documented almost 50 different items. I think this will be the last one of this year as the weather is now pretty crappy and I just cannot get out and about to photograph them like I could in the summer.

Apartment leak update

Well, it's not looking good for our water leak. When I left you last time we had filled the bath with water and waiting to see if it leaked, this would be a quick fix as it is a case of changing the plug mechanism. 

We have a water leak in the apartment!

Yesterday we went out wandering around town and when we got back to the apartment we noticed that there was a little bit of water on the floor in the hallway. We checked our footwear in case we had stepped in the water somewhere but all was dry. When we put pressure on the floor lots more water seeped through the vinyl tiles.